Setting Up Gravity Forms to Accept Stripe Payments

By David | March 23, 2017

One of our favorite plug-ins is Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is exactly what you think it does, forms! There’s a lot of different ways Gravity Forms can be used and today we’ll be going over how to accept and process payments with Stripe via Gravity Forms. Stripe is an online payment gateway (similar to Paypal).



  1. Install Gravity Forms Plug-In
  2. Go to Forms > Add-Ons
  3. Activate Stripe
  4. Go to Forms > Settings > Settings
  5. Add the License for Gravity Forms
  6. Go to Forms > Settings > Stripe (Keep this page open, you’ll need to add the Keys)
  7. Open up a new tab and log in to your Stripe account (Create one if you haven’t already)
  8. Go to Forms > Settings > Go to API and copy the keys to the Stripe settings in WordPress
  9. Set API to “Test”
  10. Go to Forms > New Forms and Create your Form
    Make sure to add in the pricing fields. Most importantly the Total, Product, and Credit Card fields.
    BONUS: Include an Email field is you want to be able to have stripe email a receipt to the customer.
  11. For this Gravity Form. Go to Settings > Stripe. Then Add New.
  12. Select either Products and Services OR Subscription
    Products and Services are for a one time purchase. The subscription will create recurring payments!
  13. For the Payment Amount: Set to Form Total (Don’t make the mistake of select one of the products if you have more than one product).
  14. Stripe Receipt (Optional): If there was an email field then this can be a reference to send the receipt to the customer.
  15. BONUS: Conditional Logic. If you enable this you can more than one feed. For example, you may have two different payments. One is a one time fee and another is a subscription. This is when conditional logic comes into play.
    Create a radio button field as the logic to display the product or subscription and then use that as the conditional logic field in the feed.
  16. Select Update Settings to save the feed
  17. Now to test the form. Go to Preview.
  18. Open up a new tab and go to for test card numbers. Input a test number and the data into the preview form and hit submit.
  19. Go to the Stripe dashboard and you may need to select “View Test Data” to confirm the record is there.
  20. If so, congratulations, you have made your first test payment!
  21. Now, time to turn it to LIVE! Go to Forms > Settings > Stripe then select API: Live

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We can help you set this up.

Link to Part 2: Accept Subscription with Recurring payment using Gravity Forms with Stripe

Accept Subscription with Recurring payment using Gravity Forms with Stripe

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